Mediterranean vibrancy for Beirut - Interview with Namir Cortas

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Four years from now, Beirut will have a new community adjacent to Saifi Village. District//S, a 50,000 square meter residential and retail development, will occupy a 13,200 square meter site and promises 22 five-story luxury buildings, with cafes and shops facing onto Italian-style courtyards. Executive sat down with Namir Cortas, chief executive officer of Saifi Modern sal, the Lebanese company that owns District//S, to find out more, while Anthony el-Khoury, CEO and co-founder of the property development firm Estates sal, joined the conversation to offer a sneak peak behind the curtains of District//S.

E Why did you decide to devote the plot to low-rise buildings instead of building high-rise towers like so many other developers have done in the Beirut Central District (BCD)?

NC: This project is in the BCD so already it has to fit with the general master plan. It was an obvious extension of Saifi village and therefore we, and the master planner, decided that the best use for this land would be a more contemporary interpretation of the same original urban directive. Also, the land allows for a district, as it eventually came to be called, because of its size and location.

This site links Saifi Village, Gemmayze and Martyr’s Square and is the gateway to the shopping and central area. The solution that we came... read more