Marcel Ghanem's KALAM ENNASS' live coverage at DREAM 2014

In a special episode with Kalam El Nass’ Marcel Ghanem, Anthony Stephan, Chairman of Saifi Modern representing District //S, discussed the real estate sector’s current status in Lebanon alongside other of the country’s prominent developers, moderated by Yassine Jaber. 

The episode can be watched here

The episode was split into four different panels as follows: 
Panel 1: Minister Yassine Jaber, Walid Daouk, Namir Cortas, Samer Bsat, Pascale Saad, Guy Manoukian
Panel 2: Tony Medawar, Anthony Stephan, Ali Abdel Latif, Massaad Fares, Georges Chehwane
Panel 3: Georges Stephan, Kaissar Abi Lama, Mireille Korab Abi Nasr, Chahe Yerevanian 
Panel 4: Mohamad Joueidy, Philippe Tabet, Georges Bedwi, Jad Sawaya