A few words with Georges Chehwane, owner at Plus Holdings

E: What inspired you to choose this location for your project?

GC: Beirut is known as the “Paris of the Middle East” and “Switzerland of the Levant”. Beirut’s rich history has earned the capital an enviable reputation as a hub of culture, finance and leisure. The shopping, the entertainment, the culture and the lifestyle make this city a unique “jewel” in the eyes of its residents and tourists. Today, very limited plots remain for urban development in Downtown Beirut and so Plus Towers represents a rare opportunity to experience a distinctive lifestyle in a new residential haven. This impressive development rises in Martyrs’ Square, one of Beirut’s most prominent public spaces. It stands tall in the midst of the city’s social and economic past, present and future. The location of these towers between four streets makes this project an island with an impeccable view from each corner.

E: What is the target market of Plus Towers?

GC: The residents of PLUS TOWERS are people who enjoy a differentiating urban lifestyle. They are fascinated by top notch brand names. They want to live in the heart of the city, They are well off and like to be under the spotlight. They are mainly Lebanese living between abroad and here and want to be accommodating in a prime, fancy, luxurious and strategic apartment. 

E: What is the concept behind it?

GC: Plus Towers is a unique development inspired by our unwavering dedication to quality and uniqueness. We have selected top notch architects, contractors and other key talents to ensure Plus Towers is truly iconic. We want this project to be a real landmark for generations to come. And we want to bridge this promising future with Beirut’s rich past.

E: What is Estates' role in Plus Towers?

GC: ESTATES is handling the project management of PLUS TOWERS as owner representative in collaboration with PLUS TOWER’s team of engineers.

Estates is in charge of:

• Agreeing the development strategy and objectives with Plus Properties.

• Coordinating with Plus Properties regarding all aspects of the development process

• In coordination with PLUS TOWER’s team, appointing architects and other consultants; defining and controling the scope of their services and fees

• Following up on permits and regulatory aspects

• Managing the design process and conducting reviews at the preliminary, schematic and execution plans stages

• Acting as site engineer as per FIDIC

• Coordinating among all relevant parties

• Reporting on progress to PLUS TOWER’s team

• Acting as contract administrator/cost controller

• Coordinating the tendering process and the appointment of the contractors with PLUS TOWER’s team.